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    Talent Introduction and Training Plan

    The first-class talent is the foundation of constructing first-class enterprise. Being considered as the most important resource, talent is the decisive factor of the development of the company. Adhering to the idea of “people-oriented, employ competent people, appoint people by abilities”, this company has absorbed talents through internal promotion and external employment, also gradually perfected democratic, scientific and incentive HR management system, so as to stimulate stuff’s motivation and creativity, create the maximized development space for the continuous growth of stuff and establish learning and up-and-coming enterprise culture. The specific plans are as follows:

    1. The company has annually invested a certain amount of money for the training work. Through the combination of internal training and external study, the company has hierarchically implemented staff training and  continuing education plan at different focus so as to fully improve stuff’s technology, skills and attainment. For the senior management stuff, it has focused on improving their modern management ability, innovation and decision-making ability; for the researchers, by integrating the training with working characteristics of product research and development, marketing and cost planning, the company has conducted targeted practical trainings for project engineers; for basic-level managers and ordinary employees, by adopting the method of training according to posts, the company has offered continuous pre-service training and specific technical training for the stuff by aiming at different posts.

    2. The company will fatherly perfect personnels of all kinds of posts, especially the compensation system and incentive mechanism of personnels of key posts such as management, technology and business. By reasonably determining the compensation structure and establishing long-term incentive plan, this company has cultivated, attracted and encouraged excellent talents to service for the company in a long term.

    3. By establishing equal and fair work post responsibility and scientific achievement effect evaluation mechanism, the company has incorporated all the stuff into the effective evaluation management system so as to perform ordered post competition, incentive and obsolescence mechanism. This company has emphasized on promoting talents internally and provided professional stage and development opportunity for the stuff.

    4. On the basis of present management team, the company will properly introduce talents in accordance with the future development and focus on absorbing high-level and comprehensive talents, so as to optimize the talent structure.

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